School Projects

Since its establishment in 2006, HFM has been able to carry out numerous projects, with the most significant being the project aimed at assisting children in primary and secondary school. This assistance includes providing them with school materials such as notebooks, shoes, soaps, uniforms, and even covering their tuitions. Thanks to the support received from Amahoro partners, HFM has successfully enabled many children to attend school by providing them with necessary materials and scholarships. Initially, HFM supported 50 primary school children, but after Reverend Sylvestre's visit to the Netherlands in 2007, the number increased to 200 children from both primary and secondary schools.

From 2013, HFM has been gradually decreasing the number of children it supports to ensure that each child receives adequate assistance and maintains a good follow-up. Initially, a large proportion of these children were orphans. It took five years to determine the ideal number of children who could be fully funded. For the past ten years, HFM has been providing full financial support to one hundred children annually, spanning both elementary and secondary school. This opportunity has opened doors for these children, offering them a brighter future as they continue their education.

“We work tirelessly to ensure that those who are suffering receive the support they need to regain their footing, and we take great pride in the positive impact that we have on their lives.”